As a leading healthcare products distribution company in Latin America, Traatek is fully aware of this important responsibility.
Traatek, is driven to provide our customers with the highest quality products. We offer a diverse array of the latest innovative medical technologies, with our main focus in Spinal and Neuro Surgical devices.
Our goal is to help patients resume a more active and satisfying lifestyle.
New Technology
The Coflex-F™ implant is a minimal invasive device that provides significant segmental stability with all the advantages of an Intraspinous implant.
  • Collagen Nerve Conduit
  • Cervical Plating Systems
  • Dura Replacement
  • EMF Vaporizer Unit - (ODC)
  • Epilepsy Electrodes
  • Headrest System
  • Hydrocephalus Shunts
  • Image-Guided Stereotactic Systems - Frame & Frameless
  • Neuronavigational Systems - (COMPASS)
  • Neuro Patties - (OMT)
  • Neurosurgical Instruments
  • RF Lesion Generator & Kits -(OWL) (DIROS)
Spinal Technologies

Our Clients

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