Spetzler Neuro Patties from OMT
pic15 Designed by renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert Spetzler and biomedical engineers, Spetzler Neuro Patties™ offer exceptional pliability, compliance and a singular design not found in existing neurosurgical absorbable materials.The tapered shape conforms easily to the surgical site while contouring to most tapered-style brain spatulas. Extremely thin rayon in a single layer construction offers optimal visibility and a very high absorption rate. A unique variety of sizes suites all of your neurosurgical needs. click here for sample board of neuro patties
pic16 The Coflex-F™ implant is a minimal invasive device that provides significant segmental stability with all the advantages of an Intraspinous implant.The Coflex-F™ implant is intended for permanent implantation as an adjunct to fusion in the region from L1 to L5in up to two contiguous levels. Biomechanical studies have shown that the rigid connection to the spinous processes allows for similar stabilization of the posterior elements as with pedicle screw fixation supporting the fusion process.
Reduced latrogenic Trauma:
  • less trauma
  • less blood loss
  • smaller skin incision
Reduced Surgical Risk:
  • Excellent safety profile of implant
  • protection of neural structures
  • Easy and precise application
Reduced Cost:
  • Shorter operating time
  • faster patient rehabilitation
Easy to Use:
  • Simple surgical technique
  • Easy instrumentation
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We have added a new office in Colombia. TRAATEK COL, Ltda.
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For the First Time in Latin America Centinel Spine
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On August 4 of 2013, The city of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras, welcomed Centinel Spine USA and their representatives: neurosurgeon Dr Said Elshihabi, James May and the Biomedical Engineer Monique Traad to perform a surgery for the first time in Latin America, together with Dr. Ena Miller and other spine surgeons of the city. The same day the Centinel commission visited, in the Bendaña Hospital, two patients to choose the perfect candidate for the first surgery of the Satlif C an Anterior Cervical Integrated Interbody Fusion System. Once selected, the patient that afternoon, the delegation made ​​a presentation about the technology of Centinel Spine to all neurosurgeons of San Pedro Sula.  All of the specialists demonstrated high interest in the products.The next morning, August 5 of 2013, Dr Elshihabi and Dr Miller performed the first surgery of the Stalif C in Latin America. The surgery was a success and the patient recovered considerably.
On Septemeber 11th and 12th, 2014, Traatek Inc together with Paradigm Spine, conducted a spine training for a group of Latin American neuro and spine surgeons in the City of Fort Lauderdale Florida.
The two day training was presented by Doctor Steffen Sola from Germany, the Engineer Reinhold Knebel (Product Manager from Paradigm Spine Germany) and Biomedical Engineer Monique Traad (Business Manager for Latin America). The products discussed during this training were DCI, DSS, HPS, Coflex, and Coflex F. The surgeons were very impressed with the products presented by Paradigm Spine and showed interest in sharing the knowledge with the rest of their colleagues in Latin America. The training was a total success!
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