Cusa Excel® + Ultrasonic Aspirator
The CUSA EXcel+ system supports a broad selection of handpieces and surgical tips, allowing the surgeon to select the most appropriate combination based on the surgical procedure. The user-friendly console, color coded tubing, and tubing paths enable easy system set-up. The CUSA EXcel+ system offers a simple user interface, the widest variety of handpieces and tip combinations, and advanced features that make it the most powerful ultrasonic tissue ablation system available.
Cusa NXT™ Ultrasonic Aspirator

Ultrasonic Tissue Ablation System

The CUSA NXT is the newest member of the CUSA® family. The CUSA NXT system features revolutionary NXT Digital ArchitectureTM and a touch-screen user interface.
The CUSA NXT supports the current selection of the CUSA Selector handpieces.
When used with the CUSA Selector MRI handpieces, the system is fully compatible for use in suites with intraoperative MRI equipment.
The CUSA NXT is a compact and portable unit. The Console can be connected to the wall suction in the operating room, or used with the CUSA NXT Service Module for optimized aspiration performance.
Cusa Selector® Ultrasonic Aspirator
The CUSA Selector Console is the power source for the CUSA Selector handpieces and provides aspiration and irrigation control. The latter is via an integral peristaltic pump, able to deliver a range of flow rates from 1 - 50 ml/min.

The CUSA Selector Service Module provides a source of aspiration and waste collection for the CUSA Selector Console. Alternatively, the CUSA Selector Console can be connected directly to the suction/ waste source within the operating room.

An MRI safe version of the CUSA Selector Console is available for use in intraoperative MRI suites.
DuraGen Plus®

Integra’s most optimized dural graft
More consistent collagen structure over Integra DuraGen® Dural Graft Matrix for superior handling. Provides a simple technique for precise placement of the matrix between the dura and overlying tissues in cranial and spinal procedures. Handles like normal soft tissue, easily conforming to the complex surfaces of exposed neural tissue. Effective protection against cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage with sutureless closure. Fully resorbed and replaced by native tissue with complete dural closure. Suturing is not required, but tensionless stay sutures may be used if desired.
Suturable DuraGen™

Integra’s reinforced dural graft
Versatile graft that can be sutured or used as an onlay. Designed for repairing dural defects where mechanical anchoring of the graft is preferred. Excellent suture retention while maintaining the biological activity of DuraGen Plus® Matrix. Handles like normal soft tissue, easily conforming to the complex surfaces of exposed neural tissue. Demonstrates effective protection against cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage with sutureless closure. Fully resorbed and replaced by native tissue with complete dural closure.
CRW Precision™ Arc Stereotactic System

The CRW Precision Arc system was developed in direct response to feedback from stereotactic and functional clinicians throughout the world. The end result is a simpler, easier to use system for stereotactic procedures.

CRW Precision Arc systems allows clinicians to repeatedly target with sub-millimeter accuracy. Rigid patient stability is maintained throughout the stereotactic procedure.

The CRW Precision Systems all utilize:
NeuroBalloon™ Catheter
The NeuroBalloon™ Catheter is designed for dilatation of pre-punctured cerebral membrane fenestrations such as Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomies (ETVs). The unique double balloon assures quick, simple, and accurate positioning. The dilatation of the membrane can be observed through the transparent silicone material of the NeuroBalloon Catheter, allowing maximum control. This accurate positioning is especially important during ETVs to avoid damage to critical structures such as the basilar artery.
CSF™ Management Catheters
Integra's broad line of CSF catheters includes ventricular, peritoneal, and atrial catheters with varied features to meet your shunting needs.
OSV™ II Low Pro Valve System
Lower profile than the OSV II® Valve system accommodates patients with thin skin.

Flow Rate: 18-30 ml/hr
Size: 36 mm (L) x 12.5 mm (W) x 5.8 mm (H)

See Instructions For Use for complete product information
Integra NPH™ Low Flow Valve Systems accommodates patients with lower than average CSF flow.

Flow Rate: 8-17 ml/hr
Size: 40.5 mm (L) x 12.5 mm (W) x 7.9 mm (H)
Spetzler™Lumbar-Peritoneal Shunts
Integra™ Spetzler™ Lumbar Peritoneal Shunt Kit is available exclusively from Integra. Pressure control is achieved through a combination of the double slit valve at the peritoneal end and the small inner diameter catheter.

Each Integra Spetzler Lumbar Peritoneal Shunt Kit includes:

Optional in-line valves and reservoirs are also available.
Novus™ Valve Systems
The Integra™ Novus™ Valve System regulates physiological CSF flow within normal ranges of intraventricular pressure (IVP) in the supine, sitting or standing position. The integral Anti-Siphon Device features a normally-open design that works in combination with the valve to maintain IVP within normal limits while minimizing overdrainage. This approach is intended to restore more closely the important balance between intracranial and cerebrovascular pressures to optimize patient care and treatment.

Pressure Ranges: Low Medium
Size: Standard Mini
Configurations: Valve only Two piece kit

Magnetic Resonance Safe according to ASTM F2503
LPV II™ Valve Systems
Equi-Flow™ Valve
Equi-Flow™ Valve
The Integra™ Equi-Flow™ valve is an advanced system designed to maintain physiological CSF pressure independent of patient orientation. By incorporating the Siphon Limiting Device, this valve design limits reduction of intraventricular pressure caused by siphoning in the distal catheter.
Flow Regulating Valve, Mini
Lower profile than Integra NPH™ Low flow valve system and low flow rate accommodate patients with:
Lower than average CSF flow Patients with thin skin.

Flow Rate: 8-17 ml/hr
Size: 36 mm (L) x 12.5 mm (W) x 5.8 mm (H)
UltraVS™ Neonate Valve
At only 13mm long and 3.8 mm wide, the Integra UltraVS Neonate Valve is the smallest valve manufactured by Integra, and the valve most appropriate for neonatal patients. The simple low profile cylindrical shape of the Integra UltraVS Neonate Valve reduces the risk of skin erosion. The Integra UltraVS Neonate Valve incorporates a miter valve, a mechanism with a direct flow path to resist occlusion, even in cases of high protein CSF.

The Integra UltraVS Neonate Valve Systems incorporate:

Three pressure ranges to accommodate various patient needs.
Cygnus-PFS™ Image Guided Surgery (IGS) System (Neuro Navigation)
The Cygnus-PFS™ Image Guided Surgery (IGS) System was the first portable frameless stereotactic system for neurosurgical procedures. COMPASS International engineered away unnecessary and expensive hardware to shrink system size and cost while keeping the functionality of much more expensive systems. Computing power was concentrated into a UNIX laptop and compact surgical image processor.

Now through ongoing engineering, the latest Cygnus-PFS™ system provides capabilities for biopsies, bone flap placements, craniotomies, and other procedures. Optional ENT capabilities are also available.

The latest software includes enhanced selection of reference points, tumor cross section, biopsy planning, image correlation, surgeon preferences, interactive selection of instrumentation, metal detection and more.

With the new Intellitrak feature, the system now detects if there is any metal in the field, which helps provide better accuracy.
With each component carefully engineered for flawless performance and efficient use in the OR, the NeuroPro® System makes flap closure a pleasure instead of a chore. Designed specifically for neurosurgical applications, the NeuroPro® System addresses all your rigid fixation requirements, including cranioplasty and skull base applications, in a single compact modular tray. This coupled with the documented performance of titanium plate and screw fixation for long-term flap stability, enables you to provide the best fixation option for your patients. The unique three level autoclave tray contains everything needed for all neurosurgical rigid fixation procedures. A complete selection of titanium plates, panels and screws is carefully organized and labeled for maximum efficiency and ease of use in the OR. All necessary drill bits and instruments are also organized in the tray. An asymmetric burr hole cover design allows flexibility in positioning of the plate such that screws can be placed away from the edge of craniotomy cuts. At least two screws can always be placed in the flap — even with closely spaced cuts.
Mendec Cranio®
Mendec Cranio® is an acrilic resin with special handling properties for excellent results in the recostruction of small cranial defects. The manual application is easy thanks to the perfect malleability that makes it the best addendum to the cranioplasty surgery.

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