Camino® (CAM01)
Camino Advanced Monitor CAM01
Neuro Monitoring Systems
Attains new levels of parenchymal and ventricular monitoring through fiberoptic technology at the source
The Integra™ Camino® Advanced Monitor is a compact, portable device for monitoring intracranial pressure (ICP), intracranial temperature, and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP). ICP and/or brain temperature are measured at the catheter tip. CPP is calculated based on an external input of mean arterial pressure and measured ICP.
Trend Analysis: Integra Camino Advanced Monitor provides continuous recording and display of ICP and CPP values over the most recent 12 or 24 hour period. High ICP Alarm: Detects a rise in ICP according to user selected values to facilitate early recognition and intervention.
Camino® (CAM02)

Camino Intracranial Pressure Monitor CAM 02
The Camino® Advanced Monitor is a compact, portable device for use with Camino® 110-4 series of Pressure/Temperature and Pressure Transducer-Tipped Catheters.
Camino® Kit

Camino® Complete Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitoring and Cranial Access Kit
Model 1104BC (includes Model 1104B and Cranial Access Kit) contains virtually everything needed to monitor ICP at the bedside, all in one convenient package. It is used to monitor ICP by inserting the transducer-tipped catheter through the IntegraCamino® bolt. Depth markings guide placement in the parenchyma or subarachnoid space.
The kit includes:
  • 4 Fr transducer-tipped catheter
  • Integra Camino Bolt with compression cap and turning wings
  • 2.7mm twist drill bit with adjustable safety stop
  • Spacer to adjust seating depth of the bolt
  • Strain relief, protective sheath
  • 1.3mm stylet
  • Hex wrench
  • Zero adjustment tool
Sterile, packaged 5 per case or individually
Helistat® & Helitene®
HELISTAT Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Sponge is a soft, white, pliable, non-friable absorbent sponge. Because of its non friable coherent sponge structure, the application of HELISTAT hemostatic sponge to the site where hemostasis is desired is easily controlled. Unwanted dispersal over the operative site is not encountered.

HELITENE Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Agent is a soft, white, pliable, absorbent hemostatic agent. It is supplied in a fibrillar form.

The basic material from which these products are fabricated is collagen obtained from bovine deep flexor (Achilles) tendon. The tendon is known to be one of the purest sources of collagen that can be readily obtained and processed in commercial amounts. HELISTAT and HELITENE being derived from this tendon, are expected to be very consistent material.

Because of the initial purity of the collagen source and the further purification steps during processing of HELISTAT and HELITENE, the practitioner can expect uniform behavior from this topical hemostat from one application to the next.

HELISTAT and HELITENE are indicated in surgical procedures (other than ophthalmological and urological surgery) as an adjunct to hemostasis when control of bleeding by ligature or conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical.


Better Handling

Ease of Use
Versa-Trac® Lumbar Retractor System

The Versa-Trac® Lumbar Spine Retractor System provides the ultimate in operative versatility – combining unilateral, bilateral, micro and macro lumbar spine retraction in a single system.
Microdialysis is a minimally invasive technique to explore and monitor the chemistry in living tissues.

Continuous tissue monitoring is enabled through the insertion of small Microdialysis catheters. A physiological salt solution is slowly constantly pumped through a semipermeable membrane and the solution is equilibrated with the surrounding tissue fluid.

Microdialysis offers the opportunity to sample tissue chemistry with high accuracy and without taking any blood. The dialysate is extracted into small vials for bedside or laboratory analysis.
HyrdroFix™ Vaso Shield is a permanent, thick and easy to handle anti-adhesion barrier which is transparent, MRI visible, hydrophilic and strong and is made of a mixture of polyvinyl, alcohol and water. Available in two thickness of 1mm in 6cm x 10cm and 5cm x 6cm sheets and 0.6mm in 6cm x 10cm and 5cm x 6cm sheets. These sheets are easy to cut to size during surgery and can be sutured into place using non-absorbent sutures with non-cutting needles.

HydroFix comes hydrated, sterile and ready to use.
HydroFix can be used during: revision, fusion, adjacent level, artificial disc implantation, implant or hardware removal, trauma and vascular surgeries in the spine.
EPIFLO® Transdermal Continuous Oxygen Therapy [TCOT] for Wound Healing

EPIFLO delivers oxygen directly to a wound, promoting wound healing in a safe and effective manner. Unlike Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Hyperbaric chambers, our chronic wound patients do not have to endure dozens of treatment visits, each lasting upwards of 90 minutes, nor tolerate being tethered to a vacuum pump. EPIFLO is small enough to fit inside your pocket and goes wherever you go. And it works around the clock.
Neuro Patties
The Spetzler and OMT Neuro Patties™ offer exceptional pliability, compliance and a singular design not found in existing neurosurgical Sponges or Cottonoids. The tapered shape conforms easily to the surgical site while contouring to most styles of brain spatulas.

Extremely thin rayon in a single layer construction offers optimal visibility and a very high absorption rate. A unique variety of sizes suits all of your surgical needs. The different sizes help the surgeon achieve superior results and accommodate to specific anatomical structures for all surgical needs.
Surgical Instrumentation

Tedan Surgical Innovations, LLC, is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality specialty surgical instrumentation for use in orthopedic, neuro and thoracic surgery. TSI guarantees that all of our products have been manufactured by skilled instrument craftsmen, using only quality materials. Every effort is made to manufacture the finest quality surgical instruments at exacting specifications.

TeDan Surgical Innovations specializes in cervical retractors, lumbar retractors, thoracic retractors, anterior hip retractors, distraction screws, minimally invasive retractors and instruments for minimally invasive surgery.
Chroma-Line® Kerrinson Rongeurs
Our unique rongeurs feature:
Titanium nitride coating that reduces friction between metal parts for smooth and effective cutting color coded insert that easily identifies the bite size.
Chroma-Line® Spinal Curettes
Have been designed with the surgeon’s concern in mind. Ergonomically designed handles provide maximum control. Deep cup design color coded handle system reduces cup size selection time, allowing for efficient and timely completion of surgical procedures full range of cup sizes from 6-0 to 6 is available with straight, angle, reverse-angle and 90 angle shafts.
Genesis™ (Sterilization Trays)
The V. Mueller® brand Genesis™ sterilization container system from CareFusion is built to provide long-lasting protection and sterility maintenance for your valuable instrumentation investment. Genesis containers are made of hard-coated anodized aluminum and ergonomically designed with large handles to encourage proper lifting. Containers and accessories are available in a wide variety of size options to accommodate an extensive range of instruments while helping to organize instruments and promote a faster setup time. Genesis containers provide a return on your investment and are a green alternative to sterilization wrap.
Surgical Tables
The Allen Spine portfolio offers innovative solutions to help with all of your patient positioning challenges in spine surgery. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone, dedicated spine table for complex spine surgical procedures or positioning systems for simple spine procedures, Allen provides many options.

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